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Blues Guitar

Learn and Master Blues Guitar – Our Review

So you have decided to learn and master blues guitar, but you don’t know where to begin. Private lessons aren’t for you because maybe you don’t have time to attend a weekly class, maybe you can’t … [Read More...]

Gibson’s Learn & Master Guitar – Our Review

Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar – Our Review

If you are a looking to learn and master guitar and are a beginning guitarist, or an intermediate guitar player looking to improve your playing, you may be evaluating your options on what ways to fast … [Read More...]

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Guitar investment

How to Choose the Best Electric Guitar for Beginners

So how and where do you go about figuring out what the best electric guitar for beginners is, either for yourself or for your child, well for a start a used guitar is by far the better way to … [Read More...]

Guitar tools

Ten Handy Guitar Tools You Should Consider Getting

Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag! It's so handy to build up a few essential guitar tools because they will save you so much hassle and stress if you just take the trouble to get organized … [Read More...]

Guitar intonation myths

Five Guitar Intonation Myths

1. Should the strings be as close to the pick-ups as possible for better guitar intonation? Not necessarily, the quality of the sound is dependant on the strength of the magnets inside your … [Read More...]

Guitar fret buzz

Guitar Fret Buzz – How to deal with Fret Wear

What is guitar fret buzz? Fret buzz is when one or more strings vibrate off the frets causing a buzzing noise. Generally this string buzz can be eliminated by adjusting the set up of the guitar, … [Read More...]

Making a living as a musician

How to start making a living as a musician

Why has the going rate for a live band stayed the same for over two decades??? Twenty five years ago when I was the soundman and roadie for my dads band called Apartment, the going rate was between … [Read More...]

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Guitar investment

Is a Guitar Investment Still a Viable Option?

Fender and Gibson were the big daddies of guitar makers way back in the sixties when they were small companies producing the highest quality handmade guitars, but it was only in the 1980s that people … [Read More...]

3D printind guitar

What is a 3D Printing Guitar

I only heard about this 3D printing phenomenon recently and I couldn't get my head around the fact that you can make practically anything you want with it, and when I heard that you could even make a … [Read More...]

Things to do in retirement

6 Things to do in Retirement

Retirement is often a compulsory phase that every working adult is forced to accept. For some, the retirement phase is something they work towards and look forward to, while for others, preparation … [Read More...]

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